We make Time Lapse Easy . Never miss a shot ! with our simple solutions.

What is time Lapse? Time-lapse photography is a type of photography that happens when the frame rate is lower than what is used to view the sequence. When the photo is played at normal speed, time looks to be faster. However, not everything would make a great time-lapse subject. Good time-lapse subjects include cloudscapes, celestial motion, plants growing, cars driving on a busy intersection and of crowds.Think all time-lapse movies are the same? Think again. Seamlessly view hours, weeks, months and years of your construction transformed into a work of art. Now with our easy and simple solutions you get instant videos perfectly created.

Weather you want to record long term project or short term, capture nature or make documentries we have a perfectly simple solution for you.

time lapse video
HD Time Lapse Video 3 steps to create stunning HDR time lapse video.
Timelapse camera time lapse video
Select your desired time lapse settings according to your requirements. Set it to record weather its day or night , less light or more you will get the best results with our advance lens. All Done! Sit back and relax. Let the best camera do its job .

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