14 Months Battery Life Security Camera

The Brinno MAC200 is a battery powered portable security camera, triggered by Motion Detection (PIR) or a Fixed Capture Rate (Time Lapse) or Brinno's new Hybrid Mode ® (Time Lapse +Motion Detection).

Hybrid Activated

<320 ft time lapse capture zone + <20 ft motion activated zone = Never miss a shot

Fast Playback Video

Automatically converts images into time lapse videos. The MAC200 lets you review 8 hours of activity in a 1 minute time lapse video!

14 months battery life

2 D cell batteries can last for up to 14 months, so you can put away your power cords!



Outdoor Security

Easy to set up outdoor security camera in 3 steps!

Easy Set up Video
Dual Protection® Capture Mode

Time Lapse Capturing + Motion Activated

Capture any movement with either Motion Activation or a preset Time Lapse setting. The MAC200 automatically converts photos into an easy to view/review Time Lapse Video. You can review an entire days activity in a couple of minutes!

Time Lapse Mode

Time Lapse Capturing

Motion Mode

Motion Activated

Hybrid Mode

Hybrid Mode
In Time Lapse Mode, you can record at a distance of up to 320 feet using a 1 frame per second fixed capture rate. In Motion Mode, when the PIR motion sensor is triggered by any movement in a 20 feet zone, the camera captures 2-3 images per second for 5 seconds Hybrid Mode consists of time lapse + motion detection, the camera switches from 1 frame per second Time Lapse Mode to Motion Mode (2-3 images per second for 5 seconds) when a moving object enters the 20 feet motion zone.

100% DIY, 100% Portable

Forget the power cord, Ethernet line or DVR System! The MAC200 is your 100% DIY, 100% Wire-free, 100% portable security camera that you can use anywhere, anytime.

< 1 Sec. Rapid Wake Up

Brinno's MAC200 has excellent power saving technology, by providing super long lasting standby time, combined with the ability to rapidly wake up! So you'll never miss a shot!

14 Months Battery Life

The MAC200 has unequaled battery life lasting up to 14 months on 2 D Cell batteries.

10x Outlook Range

Images captured at a Fixed Capture Rate, in the Time Lapse mode, cover a range over 100 meters deep.

Dual Protection

Brinno's new Hybrid Mode ®
Preset time settings to take photos (Fixed capture rate)+ Flexible Motion Activation for video capture, provides unprecedented dual protection.

Fast Playback Video

Brinno's MAC200 captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video. Review all your visitors with the push of a button.

100% DIY, 100% Portable

Battery powered = Wire-free
Not a complicated DVR security system, no complicated power cord wiring to set up. 100% DIY. 100% Wire-free. 100% Portable.

Smart Night Vision

Set up the latitude you are, then the camera will auto turn on Night Vision at sunset, turn off at sunrise. So the camera can capture infrared light* at night, and capture regular image at daylight.

** infrared illuminator is optional
Fast Playback Time Lapse Video

Check monthly activity in several minutes video

Brinno's MAC200 - Motion Activated Camera provides a whole new FAST/EASY PLAYBACK concept for you to EASILY review videos, as it automatically converts thousands of images into time lapse videos. This makes reviewing your videos easy and quick!

Water-proof, Outdoor Security Camera

Weather resistant, safe for outdoor use

Yes, we know most construction site are outdoors; in order to let you capture your entire construction project in any weather, we provide a weather resistant housing to protect your construction camera.

Camera Security Lock

We offer multiple methods of securing your MAC200

Model MAC200DN MAC200
LCD Screen 1.44" TFT LCD
Waterproof IPX4
Capture Mode
Motion Activated PIR motion detection (captured 2~3 frames per second)
Time Lapse Fixed Capture Rate (captured 1 frame per time interval)
Hybrid Combine Time lapse and Motion activated mode
Motion Sensor
Detect Distance 6 m
Detect Angle 100°
Night Vision option
(Always turn Night Vision on)
(Always turn Night Vision on)
(Always turn Night Vision off)
(the camera will auto turn Night Vision on at sunset, turn Night Vision off at sunrise )
Image Sensor
Type 1/4" CMOS sensor
Resolution 1.3 Mega pixel
Pixel size 2.8 um
Sensitivity 2500 mV/lux-sec (Good low light quality)
Optics Lens
Aperture f2.0
Field of View 75°
Focal Length 28 mm (35mm equivalent)
Focus Distance 60 cm(Minimum)
Video Fast Playback Time Lapse Video
Format AVI
Resolution 720P( 1280x 720)
Memory Storage SD Card (Supported up to 32 GB)
Power source 2x D cell Batteries
Battery Life 14 months*
External Power DC IN: 5V
Camera Body Dimension
Size (DxWxH) 106x 110x 78 mm
Weight 250 g (without batteries)
Color Black
Operating Temperature
-4°F to 122°F
-20°C to 50°C


Types of Home Security Camera Comparison
feature Security Service Provider IP Cam DIY IP Cam ( DropKam) Trail Cam / Humting Cam Brinno MAC 200
Do It TourselfDo It Yourself
Installation Prof Installers DIY Both 100% DIY
Wire Free Power plug & Cable bundles and labor required extra battery bank 2 D Cells Battery powered
DVR Storage need expensive NAS for fat files Not required (SD card) Not required (SD card)
Local Storage Optional SD Card SD Card
Maintenance Cost Yearly Contract No Cost No Cost No Cost
Video Capture Format 18G ( 8 Hrs) , Hi Cost & M/T labor to convert to time lapse video 4G ( 8 Hrs @1sec Capture interval)
Video Stream DVR required DVR Ext storage no charge no charge, thin files size
Video Clips(Video stream saved file) DVR is a must DVR is a must no charge no charge very small size. <25% ordinary file size
Video Processing Yes Post Free & Instant time lapse  video
Vidoe Quality poor quality from video compression no video compression, good quality
Night Shots poor quality from short time exposure good quality by long exposure
Detection & TriggerDetection & Trigger
Trigger mode PIR sensor + Human  PIR sensors or Image comparison IR sensor + Constant Shooting (Long Lasting Time lapse)
Detection distance depends PIR detection limits_Short distance(~30M) and False triggers >100m (320 ft), no PIR detection limits
Durability DC-In > 14 months battery life
Power efficiencyPower efficiency
DC In Must Must Must Optional Optional
Battery powered N/A NetGear Optional 14 months battery life
Battery Type 4x or 8x Only by 2x alkaline battery
Long battery life Battery bank or back Pac

Installation Fee Yes, 100% DIY 100% DIY 100% DIY
Montly fee Yes, 100 for 7 days storage N/A N/A
Constract Yes, 10 for 7 days storage N/A N/A
WiFi & BroadbandWiFi & Broadband
When Broadband disconnected Need to plug onto Laptop thru USB cable to roboot
False triggers Lots of annoying False alerts to your smartphone. Esp from Pets and even your families Less false alarms
Bandwidth occupied > 1Mbps per camera upload, >2Mbps if two cameras Less bandwidth need
# of Apps too many Apps running on smartphone
Rugged External Enclosure, extra ££ All in one, Rock solid and Long lasting
Waterproof External Enclosure, extra ££ AIO and no foggy from the enclosure

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